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TNA Lite – Time & Attendance software compatible with Time clocks and Bundy Clocks

TNA Lite is an easy to use time and attendance software package designed to save you time and money by removing the manual process involved in completing your staff time sheets and employee weekly payroll. TNA Lite takes the worry out of keeping staff time sheets and time tracking with the added convenience of integrating time and attendance of employees from time clocks and Bundy clocks. This unique time tracking software and attendance system is widely used in many industries including Airlines, Bakeries, Retail, Manufacturing, Hotels, Resorts, Cafes, Childcare, Hospitality, Engineering, Payroll, Agriculture, Printing, Mining, Not for profit and many more throughout Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Fiji .

We are the specialists in time tracking software and employee time clock solutions

Are you looking for reliable and modern time clocks to help streamline the amount of time you spend on time attendance each week? Our time clocks and associated software is the perfect answer to all of your time attendance concerns.

At TNA Lite we can help you save time and money currently exhausted on traditional time & attendance measures by emancipating you from your current employee time sheet and time consuming attendance system!

We sell employee software and a range of compatible hardware devices including employee time clocks and Bundy clocks. Our attendance systems, time clocks, timesheet and time clock software take care of employee time collection, employee leave tracking, job costing, rostering staff, automated company rule interpretation and direct import into payroll, eliminating your weekly manual time tracking and data entry.

That’s right, you can streamline your attendance systems, manage your employee time sheet and enjoy the benefits of all of these other features with our simple to use and install time clock software!

Time and attendance solutions for all businesses great and small: Bundy Clock and Time Clocks

A Bundy clock or timeclock is an essential tool to help any business operator monitor and effectively manage employee attendance and payroll. We have a range of Bundy clock and timeclock solutions that suit any sized business. Use the easy to follow links above to locate the best bundy clock or time clock solution for your business. Alternatively contact us directly or use our live chat option to the left to discuss your bundy clock and time clock needs.