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A Bundy Clock Alternative

Bundy clocks are good - but we have something better!

Designed for 10, 20, 30, 50 and more employees. Start with what you need and upgrade anytime in the future as your business grows!

Looking for Bundy Clocks? Find out how traditional Bundy Clocks are costing you money and consider investing in the latest release electronic Bundy clock the CS Time clock!

 What can't a Bundy clock do?

  • Bundy clocks cannot upgrade to integrate with payroll
  • You cannot work with MYOB, MYOB Payroll, Quicken, Quickbooks, Quicken Payroll, Micropay, Micropay Meridian, Wage Easy and hundreds of payrolls with a Bundy clock
  • Bundy clocks cannot link multiple time clocks on single sites joined to one database, or link multiple time clocks on multiple sites joined to one database
  • A Bundy clock doesn't allow you to Utilise a USB back up procedure when your network is down
  • You also cannot utilise a USB stick for remote sites with a Bundy clock
  • Bundy clocks will not run in multiple time zones
  • A Bundy clock does not SHOW REPORTS
Recent additions to CS TimeClock - This is what seperates CS Time Clock from the competition!
  • Green and Red arrows for who is "IN" and "OUT"
  • Build employee schedules
  • Add and track employee leave
  • Get warnings for absent staff
  • set rounding for clockings. eg: round 6.48am clocking up to 7.00am
  • Get excellent daily and weekly hours reports


Upgrade to TNA5 Software with features that are important to you and your business, we can help! The New CS Time Clock can do all of the above and saves you money. Forget lengthy, manual entry timesheets and upgrade your time clock with us today.

 The New CS Time Clock can do all of the above and saves you money.



 Screen Shot of a Daily & Weekly Hours Report


Bundy Clocks

Bundy clocks are great for sites that have less then 30 employees. Bundy clocks have selectable various card systems which record the exact start and finish times of all employees.

Bundy clock features: 

  • Bundy clocks are easy to install and start using
  • No computers are required for bundy clocks
  • Bundy clocks are easy to move
  • A Bundy clock can calculate times worked
  • These clocks can link a Siren

Bundy Clock Package

Consider time clocks if you:

  • Would like to not have to purchase bundy cards, ribbons and ink!
  • Wish to speed up payroll
  • Would like to remove buddy punching

10, 20, 30, 50 and unlimited Employee CS USB Time Clock - Proximity

The CS Proximity and Fingerprint Time Clocks can be installed on your LAN, interstate over the internet or used as a standalone time clock taking advantage of the USB interface for the download of weekly data.

T&A 30 employ

10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 200, 300, 500, 800, 1000 and unlimited Employee Proximity and Fingerprint time and attendance packages

TNA Time and Attendance Proximity and Fingerprint Time and Attendance Packages will automatically collect, calculate and process your employee clockings into a format ready to be imported into your payroll removing weekly manual data entry and calculation.


T&A 30 employ

***NEW*** - Configure your own Time and Attendance Solution and save.

TNA Time and Attendance Small Business Starter Pack gives you an easy low cost start to employee time management. With full upgrade options you can start with as few as 10 employees




"previously used manual time log in - time theft an issue. Now time accuracy is better..."