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Medium Business Solutions - Between 30 & 100 Employees

Do you have any of these problems?

Problem 1: Employee accidental time theft - your employees write 8.00 on a time sheet when they arrive at 8.09
Problem 2: Employee deliberate time theft - your employee takes 45 minutes for lunch and they only have 30 minutes
Problem 3: You are sick of manually calculating your employee clockings into daily and weekly hours
Problem 4: Under the daily pressures of doing your job sometimes you make errors preparing employee wages

TNA 5 Time and Attendance Software will assist you to resolve any and all of these problems that you may be experiencing. Register your details and receive the links to a short 8 minute video presentation  


Time & attendance package

Time and Attendance Packages include hardware to collect employee clockings, Software configured for your payroll and unlimited online training.

Upgrade from TNA5 Professional to include:

  • Job Costing / Labour Costing
  • Enterprise Web               

Time and Attendance Package


TNA5 Software            

TNA5 will calculate all your company rules including overtime, leave, lunch breaks, penalties and allowances. Our staff will fully configure your software based on your company shifts. TNA5 will remove all manual data and will import direct to over 300 payroll products including MYOB, MYOB Payroll, Quicken, Quickbooks, Quicken Payroll, Micropay, Micropay Meridian, Wage Easy.           

Package features

  • Complete hardware and software solution
  • Unlimited online training
  • Saves time & money
  • Removes errors
  • Easily installed and simple to setup
  • Single Site or Multi Site
  • Packages available for 30, 50, 70, 100 employees
  • Grow your package to hundreds and thousands of employees
  • Upgrade as your business grows
  • Access your time clock from any web browser
  • Backup and restore function
  • Password protected

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Packages configured for payroll - starting from $1, 999.00


Small Business Starter Pack Install and setup your own system and lower your costs further. TNA Small business Starter Pack is designed for companies with less than 100 employees that wish to keep costs down as low as possible. Get all the features of TNA and keep your costs down by setting up your own company rules Click HERE to see how easy this can be 


Electronic time clocks

TNA Lite medium enterprise solutions include stand alone electronic time clocks and hand punch time recorders. These products are recommended for companies with between 30 and 100 employees.

Not ready to start with a complete package? No Problem, start with an electronic time clock and upgrade anytime in the future to include Time and Attendance Software that will integrate with your payroll.

Need a payroll time clock? we have MYOB time clocks, Quicken Time clocks, Micropay time clocks, Wage Easy time clocks and many more payroll time clocks.