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Online Timesheet System

TNA Enterprise Web - Timesheet Software contains easy to use and implement online timesheet system. Web timesheets allow multiple site implementations to be completed quickly and efficiently. There are a number of benefits for both employees and managers who use this online timesheet software.

What can an employee do with our online timesheet software?

.....An employee can use the online timesheet system to:

  • clock in and out via the web interface.
  • fill in weekly timesheet. Web Timesheet to be approved by supervisor.
  • add daily hours for a day or days into the online time sheet. These hours will always have a pending status on the time sheetuntil approved or not approved by the supervisors.
  • print selected reports for themselves including weekly timesheets.
  • apply for leave via the timesheet system. Leave to be approved by Supervisor.
  • view daily roster information using the timesheet software.

What can a supervisor or manager do with our online timesheet software?

......A supervisor or manager can use the online timesheet system to:

  • Approve or decline daily hours requested by an employee in the supervisor’s group.
  • Approve or decline weekly timesheet
  • Approve or decline leave requested on the online time sheet by an employee in the supervisor’s group.
  • Place an employee in the supervisor’s group, on a new rostered shift or change a rostered shift.
  • Update employee masterfile details via the online timesheet.
  • Print selected reports for an employee or group of employees who fall within the supervisor's group.
  • Add a new employee to the online timesheet.

How else can TNA web timesheets assist you?

  • Our online timesheets integrate with all payroll packages that have the ability to import data (included no charge)
  • Our online timesheets are perfectly designed for multi site or multi store applications.
  • Upgrade from TNA Professional Time and Attendance to TNA Enterprise Web online timesheets anytime in the future.

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"previously used manual time log in - time theft an issue. Now time accuracy is better..."