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Our range of Time and Attendance solutions , Bundy Clocks , Time Clocks , Printers as well as Our range of Time and Attendance Software are specifically designed to help you Save time, frustration in every aspect of your role of Time and Attendance Management .

Whether your organisation has a need to update your pre-existing solution or have never had one we have formulated various Packages to make the purchase, setup and installation as easy and as pain free as possible whilst also saving you money. Our solutions are tailored to your business and industry.
Our products integrate seamlessly as they are designed using compatible hardware and software products engineers for reliability and flexibility. Our time clock hardware is used in a wide range of replaced product such as security terminals, access control devices and employee attendance. Each product is fully supported by the software to ensure version compatibility and data integrity.

Here are some examples of our current product lines.

  • Employee time clocks
  • Employee bundy clocks
  • Electronic time clocks
  • Fingerprint time clocks
  • Stand Alone time clocks.
  • 3G mobile time clocks
  • Portable time clocks
  • Battery operated time clocks
  • Facial recognition time clocks
  • Cloud based attendance
  • Smartphone apps
  • Time and Attendance   
  • Time and Attendance Job Costing
  • Time and Attendance Labour Costing
  • Time and attendance Web Based
  • Online Timesheets
  • Visitor Management
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"previously used manual time log in - time theft an issue. Now time accuracy is better..."