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The best choice in time clock software

For the most reliable and adaptable time recorders and time clock software, look no further than TNA Time and Attendance . TNA Time and Attendance Time Clock Software can be used independently of the TNA Hardware. Unlike other time recorders, you can use this world class time clock software with a PC Computer clock, eliminating the need for the installation of Hardware.

This time recorder software can also be used with other hardware collection points. This commonly occurs when the time recorder software that you have previously purchased does not do the job that you thought it might.


Why choose the TNA time recorder or employee time clocks?

TNA Time and Attendance Software like all Employee Scheduling Software can easily accommodate 75% of the award rules for your business, making it one of the leading time recorders available. However, what further differentiates the TNA time recorder Software from competing employee time clocks and time recorders is its ability to complete the remaining 25% of your award rules.

If you need 100% correct information from your time recorder, then the TNA5 Time and Attendance Employee Scheduling Software range is what you need. At Time and Attendance we are the time recorder time keeping specialists.


TNA5 Software Diagram



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