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We saved over $180,000 in salaries over a 4 year period!”

The introduction of the T & A system has reduced the number of Payroll staff by 50% and saved us, over 4
years since implementing the system, $180,000 in salaries alone!

The investment has been well worth our while, and I’m not regretting investing into T&A for one

The system is working fabulously. If ever I need support, help is only a phone call away.

We’re located in Toowoomba, Queensland, and I’m used to dealing with suppliers remotely, either
online or over the phone. Because T&A can actually access my computer remotely, provide help,
and fix the problem on the spot it is a lot more efficient for us. We no longer have to wait for a
technician to turn up in a week’s time.

I really appreciate that all the updates are now available online, and I can install them each time I log
on to the system. This saves me time and ensures that I’m getting my hands on the latest updates as
they are released.

However, it’s when things go wrong that we find out the calibre of our suppliers!

We had a case when all our data got completely corrupted. Given that we pay our employees on a
weekly basis, we needed this problem fixed urgently. T&A were great, they fixed the problem and
we were up and running in no time.

If you’re in the market for a time and attendance system, give T&A a call, they’re efficient, helpful
and professional.

Beth French
Pixie Ice Cream Pty Ltd
Toowoomba, QLD



Our TNA5 T & A package is working fine.  It has alowed us to make an accurate
assessment of our staff hours. As our staff are all early morning, it was becoming
an issue with timesheets and recognising that some couldn't tell the time ! There is no
supervision at that hour of the day and it has allowed us to better monitor staff
without actually being there.
Nicole, my Office Manager, has found it an invaluable tool when dealing with our
casual staff, and calculating wages.
The one thing I will say, is the support staff have been invaluable. We had a
problem after a power failure, which caused the system to fail. A quick phonecall to
the support number and the problem was solved in 20 minutes. Great effort.
I like the fact that the system gives us accurate data, as opposed to assumed data.
The realisation is that I should have done it sooner. It will probably happen that
we ill need to upgrade to a larger system as we grow, and because of the simple
requirements needed to operate the system, and previous service levels, I can't see
us using any other system.
Thankyou for the opportunity to give someone a wrap for a change.

Paul Goss
Southern Milk Supplies



Having three remote businesses that are manged from a Head Office we are finding the CS
time clock a great tool to manage wages.  Not only can we see who is clocked In/Out but
our General Managers know we are monitoring and it is causing them to watch their wages
very closely.

With our old system it was too easy for employees who did not clock In/Out to have the
General Manager make an adjustment on-site.  We now require the employee to email Head
Office if they have forgotten to clock In/Out.  It is amazing how the employees have taken
to the clock as we have hardly had any employee forget since implementing the CS time
clock whereas prior we had multiple no clocks in/outs per day.

What do you like most about CS time clock? The ability to log in on any web browser and
see who is in/out and the ease of setting up a new employee or amending details.

Trevor Sidley
Monkey Mania



CS time clock has saved time for Payroll and Management, especially since payroll is
processed at a different location to where the time clock is. As it is used in a retail
shop, it has also allowed us more accurately determine if staff are working too long or if
too many people are rostered on at the same time, which has saved us money.

CS time clock has enabled us to accurately track employees' start and finish times. We
were having many problems with employees not writing their times down.

The Feature I like the most is being able to login to the time clock via its web
interface to download the times.

Anthony Fortuna
FRF Couriers
Tempe NSW



"Thanks for your help, nice to deal with one software company who responds promptly."

- Chris Clear,

Lamson Paragon Group NSW 



"previously used manual time log in - time theft an issue. Now time accuracy is better: on
a big job we did recently we saved $40,000 in wages."

- Craig Parker from Foxover Installation in Upper Mt Gravatt,



"Im extremely impressed with the E-Training service provided by TNALite Support Team it is
a great way to get trained on how to use their products. Once you have completed the
training a member of TNALite support team phone you... They ring to clarify that you are
comfortable with how to use the particular product... The support service is great...
Thanks Mel "

 - Melissa McColl ,

Turnbull Hill,

Lawyers Newcastle NSW



"I Manage a large Community College, and have full time, part time and casual staff
working all different times and days until we installed the TNA system we relied on a
manual honesty system of filling in a book, now I have a reliable electronic system which
gives me accurate hours worked and downloads seamlessly into my payroll software for easy
processing of payroll each fortnight. I would recommend the TNA system to anyone, it has
saved my organisation lots of lost dollars in wages, and time spent processing salaries
each fortnight. Thank You Peter and staff for the ongoing professional support of your
products once you have sold them."

- Steve Baker, CEO Robinson Community College Broken Hill NSW Australia.



" I found out about TNA Lite on the internet when searching for a cheap, effective way to
automate payroll for our staff - 300 (mainly casuals) in five locations across Australia.

This was the first time my company had attempted to automate payroll, and as such we
discovered along the way that a lot of our initial ideas of how it would run weren't
correct. Throughout myriad changes, TNA (and particularly Elly) was more than helpful in
talking through solutions for our business, and providing support and training along the
way. Elly was prompt, accurate and a really nice person to deal with.

In terms of hardware, TNA Lite was prompt and efficient in delivery, and offered useful
manuals for set up. One of the units we purchased was dysfunctional on arrival, and TNA
Lite supplied a new unit by courier the next day, which was much appreciated."

- Emily Daley, Development Manager Airport Retail Enterprise Pty Ltd. Qantas Terminal 3
Sydney Domestic Airport NSW, Australia.



"Our small business recently purchased 2 x Proximity Time Clocks – one for our Office
and the second for our Machinery Yard. Having followed your simple and comprehensive
installation instructions (and with some excellent help over the telephone) I installed
both units quickly and easily.

The Staff each have a swipe button – and they have adapted to this new arrival and
departure procedure without a blink. Infact – because as Super Administrator – I can
leave messages on the LED screen for individuals each morning – they even look forward
to clocking on each morning to see if they have a message!!! I have already used this
function very successfully to wish an employee HAPPY BIRTHDAY on his arrival at work that
day – and to remind people of urgent tasks or similar.

There are so many extra features that I have found brilliant – particularly being able
to download data over the internet straight into a spreadsheet from the remote location.
No more timesheets through the fax!!!!

I have been around time and wages for over 20 years – and your time clocks are the
simplest and best value for money I have come across – a big THANK YOU!!"

- Brett Provan,

Lennon Heavy Equipment. 



"Im extremely impressed with the E-Training service provided by TNALite Support Team..."