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Job Costing

  • Labour costing in hours and dollars
  • Split hours by classification(department / cost center/ job)
  • Easy to setup and maintain
  • Integrated with Time and Attendance
  • Collect clockings via hardware
  • Interface with payroll possible (inc account codes)
  • Print reports
  • TNA 5 job costing software will collect all clockings during the day as they occur
  • Split the hours worked against each classification in the daily hours, as well as in the total hours for the pay period

How job costing works - Case example

The employee is asked to do some work in the housekeeping department in the morning.
In the afternoon he is required to work in the bar.

STEP 1: When the employee arrives for work in the morning, they clock in
(In the example below he clocked in at 7.07)

STEP 2: At 7.10 he or she starts work in the HOUSEKEEPING area , so they walk up to the time clock and press the arrow key until they find the housekeeping function.
The employee then registers the time by either holding a proximity card against the keypad (proximity clock),using his finger/thumb (for finger scan model) or enter his pin code (for pin models)

STEP 3: At 12.01 he goes out for lunch, so he clocks out only

Step 4: At 12:30 he or she comes back from lunch , so he clocks in . They then start work in the maintenance department, so he also has to use the arrow keys until he finds the department MAINTENANCE. He or She then registers the time by clocking into the device.

Step 5: At 14.42 he or she leaves work and goes home ,so he only clocks out

Step 6:
At 15.56 he or she comes back , and starts work in the bar .He or she walks up to the clock ,clocks in, as well as uses the arrow keys for the change of department
(2 clockings)

Step 7: At 21.32 he finishes work and goes home for the day, so he only clocks out




"previously used manual time log in - time theft an issue. Now time accuracy is better..."